Fitness – its a journey

So, like many of you, I’ve been at this fuzzy, elusive, and nebulous concept called fitness for oh…about 40 years now and I’ve discovered a few things for myself that I thought I would share. Fitness is a journey and not a state of being. Unfortunately too often we fall victim to one of life’s tricks and we focus more on the rear view mirror than we do to the road ahead. Especially as we age. We get stuck in pace we once ran, or a weight we once lifted, maybe even a body weight we once held. Then we approach a workout or a even a race with that old data still in our head and head toward one of two likely results. Either we kill ourselves trying to keep up with the past, or we wind up unnecessarily frustrated by the results. Now at first glance this may seem as if I’m indicating you should gracefully accept the hands of time and surrender to it’s gravity on your training. That is not necessarily the case. There is a mountain of evidence demonstrating the opposite. Many elite athletes around the globe are well into their 40’s and over. There are a lot of benefits to your age if you are willing to accept them and use them to your advantage. Benefits like more time, stronger motivation, more knowledge, and better resources can all play a role in being in the best shape of your life. The key is to continue to keep a REALISTIC concept of your abilities BASED IN FACTUAL DATA (i.e. your scale, heart rate monitor, most recent 5k time). Use the information the data is telling you as a beginning point for your training and move forward progressively. Also remember that while your fitness level won’t disappear over night, it also will stay with you without continuous training. So pick up the dumbbells, take another jog around the block, or sign up for another 5K and get back at it….progressively.


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