Fitness – its a journey

So, like many of you, I’ve been at this fuzzy, elusive, and nebulous concept called fitness for oh…about 40 years now and I’ve discovered a few things for myself that I thought I would share. Fitness is a journey and not a state of being. Unfortunately too often we fall victim to one of life’s […]

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Flagline 50K

I have had the pleasure of working with one of the hardest working runners I have ever met for the past two years as he has progressively made the jump from a Middle Distance runner to Ultra Trail Runner. Michael James has put in a tremendous amount of hours and miles to get to this […]

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How it all began

The James brothers….well kind of. He’s Michael James, I’m James Hendley, but close enough. And of course you can tell from the photo, we were not just brothers, but identical twins. But I digress. This is where it all started. An unlikely friendship maybe, but one that has lasted the test of time. It began […]

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